Audacity To Share

About Audacity to Share

Hi everyone!

My name is Christine O’Shea and I’d like to tell you a little bit about the concept of Audacity to Share.  The idea for Audacity to Share came to me one night in a hotel room in Pittsburgh.   The date was June 14, 2015.

I had just flown in from Paris, where I was living at the time, and was listening to The Model Health Show podcast with Shawn Stevenson as I unpacked my luggage.    I heard Shawn say something like “….you must have the audacity to share what you’ve learned…be the walking example…”  It caught my attention, I stopped the podcast and rewound it to hear it again.

You see, at that time, I’d been on a 1.5 year journey to improve my health.   I’d made major changes and improvements, but I was still nowhere near the image of “perfect health” in my mind.   I was afraid to speak out and share what I’d learned because I felt people would take one look at me and say “Who is she to speak about health??? She is definitely no walking example!” (of course that was my fear talking).

But something he said sparked a light in me and I realized I had a duty put my fear aside and share what I’ve been learning with others.   Then I had this thought — what if we all had the audacity to share our true selves with this world (not the Facebook version of yourself that you craft to make look good)?

It hit me.  I wanted to create an atmosphere where people could come together and have the audacity to share not only what they’ve learned but also their…

  • hearts
  • spirit
  • voice
  • thoughts
  • feelings
  • fears
  • love
  • inspiration
  • dreams

A place where you went to get inspired and were a source of inspiration for others.    Where the inspired become the inspiring.  A place that helped to raise the consciousness on this earth.

I searched online and “” was available.  I immediately clicked “Buy Domain”.

And below is my excited journal entry from that night  🙂


I have a vision for Audacity to Share – a conscious, inspired community of audacious people.  For now, however, it a simple website where I can practice audaciously sharing and face my own fears head on.

With much love and gratitude,